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We count on qualified professionals and technicians, as well as vast experience assembling and maintaining nets under Nitto regulations, ensuring quality service in accordance with our clients’ needs.

We offer a complete post- sale service by tracking knotless nets in operation from:

  • Demarcation of bodies using identification data.
  •  Inspection of the fishing arts on site.
  •  Tracking of the traction and durability variation of twisted knotless netting, since they are assembled until the end of its useful life.
  •  Determination of the shrinkage of twisted knotless nets from the moment they are created until the end of their useful life.
  •  Creation of a data base from: vessel, warehouse capacity, operation time of netting and monitored material.
  •  Continuous embarking of qualified personnel, with the aim of monitoring the nets in operation with the help of depth sensors.



With the aim of being a real contribution to the development of the fishing industry; we have a vast experience and qualified personnel who undergo a permanent training to achieve a continuous improvement in the development of their labor, we provide our clients with technical advice in order to support them with their projects and needs in an integral way.

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We have a fully-equipped lab at our disposal and qualified professionals so as to provide integral service:

  •  Mechanical testing for twisted knotless nets, raw material (fiber) and floats.

  •  Tracking of twisted knotless netting in operation.
  • Supporting maintenance and building services.