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Polypropylene and Polyethylene ropes subjected to a special treatment in order to give them long-lasting quality and resistance to UV rays.

We commercialize Royal Taston ropes, designed to decrease the constant lengthening that nets’ structures present over a period of time.

Within the Royal Taston rope line, “Royal Taston Lite Cross” and “Royal Taston The Cross 5” are featured which use a royal treatment that consist in the implementation of a variety of high frequency treatments (temperature) where the initial enlargement is eliminated, and the torsion of the threads which compose it  is stabilized.

The low enlargement of these ropes allows us to maintain the percentage of the original extension so that it is not pulled. Its excellent buoyancy helps the head rope of floats; besides it is easier to tie them up, and it does not present risks of losing the line of tied-up floats; it is lighter and flexible which facilitate its manipulation aboard.

​​We supply Tokyo Seiko steel wires, which have demonstrated high resistance and durability when used as a key or casing in seine ships.

Royal Taston Lite Cross and Max King Ropes

Steel Wires